Kimilili, Kenya


Our parish is privileged to have a connection of prayerful support with the parish of St Leo the Great in Kimilili, Eastern Kenya, north of Lake Victoria.

The parish has over 6000 Christians. It has 8 outstations and over 100 small Christian communities comprising about 20 families/homes in each.

Christians meet in their homes to share the word of God, pray together and occasionally celebrate the Eucharist together.

Mass is celebrated in the outstations on Sunday. The 2 priests are unable to celebrate Mass every Sunday in each outstation, so there is a rotational programme. On special occasions all the Christians come together to celebrate in the parish centre.

Email from Fr Willis Wafula received 11.10.2017.


Thanks a lot Mike for the email I received from you.

  Our parish is hosting the Diocesan ordination on 25/11/2017. Two deacons will be ordained priests and one seminarian is to be ordained a deacon. One deacon comes from our parish. We are now busy preparing for that big event. It is usually a huge celebration bringing together many people. I take this opportunity to welcome you. It will be nice for you to witness it.

Our schools are doing fine. They are now preparing for examinations.

The political situation in Kenya is not good. One presidential candidate has withdrawn from contesting the elections on 26.10.2017.There are demonstrations in opposition strongholds three times a week

Our parish is in great need of help. We shall be very grateful if you can assist us. We have bought a small piece of land in our town here and we wish to put structures in it for business. This will be a move to make our parish self sustainable. Right now there is no stable income.

There are  many other basic needs for our people that often turn to the church for help for which we have no income. I will share more on this later.

Pass our greetings to your family and parish community,


      Sincerely in Christ.

         Fr Willis Wafula