Holy Baptism

While we are in this intermediate stage on the way out of lockdown, as from 17th May it will be possible to recommence Baptism, thank the Lord.

Please understand that we cannot take individual bookings for baptisms yet, because after every ceremony it will be necessary to santise the church, which is quite an operation. If the circumstances (restricted guests &c) don't suit you, then it would be best to wait until lockdown has further eased and we can make adjustments.

So twice a month we will baptise up to three infants in one ceremony; please email Fr Seán to make the booking; places will be alotted on a first-come-first-served basis, so please give a second choice for date to make sure that you can be accommodated.

Because of the constantly-changing rules, we can't yet take bookings for individual baptisms.

Each infant may have up to 10 guests, including parents and godparents. The government permit 30 guests total, so if there will be fewer than three infants to be baptised, the other places for guests will be offered to the participating families a week before the ceremony.

Application Form

Please fill in

this form,

and submit it to the presbytery or office (both at 37 Whyteleafe Road, or behind the church, (n.b. not Church Cottage) a few days before the baptism.


The available ceremonies are at 3pm on the following Sundays:

30 May

13 June

27 June

4 July (now full)

GIven that there will (probably) be revised arrangements announced by the Government around 21 July, it makes sense not to advertise further services until then. Hopefully we will then be able to take individual bookings. So please watch this space from then.


If you have not attended a baptism course within the last few years, please now contact Ciro Candia to book your Zoom course, which consists of two evening sessions. He will send you the Zoom log-in details. You need to complete an 'A' session and a 'B' session, but it is fine to do one in May and the other in June if that works best for you.

Session A - Monday 17 May  - 8pm

Session B - Monday 24 May  - 8pm

Session A - Thursday 3 June - 8pm

Session B - Thursday 10 June - 8pm