The Parish Council

Our parish council was established in 2015 to be a means of day-to-day consultation. It meets about four times a year to discuss various matters as they arise, and to plan for the future. Urgent matters are debated using email. Once a year, around the end of September, there is an open meeting when anyone from the parish may participate.


Sandy Baron, representing the parish’s charitable work.

Matthew Cornwell, representing the parish’s work with young people. He is also the parish Safeguarding Officer.

Leila Merrett is our parish secretary and also functions as the Council’s secretary.

Allison Pullin represents the Catechetical work of the parish.

Jo Waiton, our Halls Manager, represents the social life of the parish.

Geoff Walker represents the Finance Committee: he works out whether we can actually afford the various bright schemes the Council comes up with.

Eliz Wood represents the prayer and liturgy of the parish. She is chair of the Liturgy Committee.

Nathalie Walsh is a young mum in the parish with wide experience in administration.