The Catholic Church—finding out more

Official Documents

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the official compendium of doctrine, published in the 1990s. Part 1 is concerned with the Creeds of the Church; Part 2 deals with our sacramental encounters with God; Part 3 presents how a Catholic should live out his or her faith in daily life; Part 4 is about prayer, including a meditation on the Our Father.

The Catechism is available in three forms:

The full Catechism is available free online here, and as a printed book here.

There is a short(er) question and answer summary called the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. also available free online here, and as a printed book here.

Finally, there is a version aimed at young people (but which, being more accessible, many people of all ages will find useful) called YouCat. It has a dedicated website here (you need to be a teenager just to work out how it works), is available as an eBook here, and a printed book here.

Useful Websites

Of interest to those without Christian Faith

Strange Notions — Investigates questions of reason, science and faith.

For those who would like a simple and general approach

ABCs of Faith — a lighthearted trot through Catholic teachings. Website could do with a redesign, though.

About Catholics — an attractive site (though with annoying popups) with a gentle approach

Of interest to those who come from an Evangelical background

Scripture Catholic — mostly a set of dialogues with Evangelicals on various topics of mutual interest.

Catholic Biblical Apologetics — addressing some of the hot potato issues head on

Of more general interest

Cor Unum — exploring the Catholic Faith with the help of the Church Fathers

Catholic Answers — a searchable series of articles answering questions about the Catholic faith

For those interested in the Catholic lifestyle

Fish Eaters, written from a traditional perspective, has lots of useful resources and links.

General Resources

The Catholic Encyclopedia was compiled in 1912, but is online, and still useful.

The Coming Home Network —a support resource for those (including clergy) seeking to become Catholic